Work-Related Injuries


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A work-related injury occurs while performing a task on the job.

The following are known to be the most common work-related injuries that may result in physical injuries:

  1. Falls, Slips, and Trips
    Working on heights increases the risk of falling. However, it’s also highly likely that a worker slips and trips without falling at all.
  2. Overexertion and Repetitive Stress
    This results from the excessive physical effort put in repetitive tasks that cause muscle strain and stress.
  3. Lifting Injuries
    Although lifting heavy objects becomes routine for several workers on site, it’s still one of the leading causes of workplace injuries. Heavy lifting is highly likely to result in disc injuries, fractured vertebra, elbow, spine, and wrist injuries, pinched nerves, or pulled muscles. As many as 86,000 injuries are reported annually as a result of heavy lifting.

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