Vestibular Disorders

Vestibular Disorders

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Vestibular Disorders

Vestibular disorders affect the inner ear and one’s sense of balance and cause dizziness and nausea. The vestibular system is involved in coordinating the body’s balance and signals. A disruption or injury to this system causes an imbalance and a false sensation of movement. If left untreated, balance disorders can worsen unsteadiness, concentration and memory issues, inactivity, an increased risk of falls, anxiety, and a loss of independence.

Physiotherapy can improve balance disorders to a great degree. Before beginning the treatment, your physiotherapist will perform a few tests including:

  • Analysis of your eye movements using infra-red goggles
  • Positional testing to determine the cause of your dizziness
  • Balance testing

With physiotherapy, patients experience immediate and lasting relief and develop better-coping strategies.

Feel great with Boost Physiotherapy in Edmonton. We’re a women-led group of highly educated experts with advanced knowledge of the movement of the human body. We use specialized treatments to improve your function and quality of life because we’re advocates of health and wellness through therapeutic exercise, acupuncture, hands-on treatment, shockwave therapy, and more.

Vestibular and Vertigo Disorders Treatment

At Boost Physiotherapy, we offer Vestibular Rehabilitation for patients suffering from balance disorders. VR is an exercise-based program that uses the central nervous system to compensate for issues associated with the inner ear. After a thorough examination, our physiotherapists develop personalized exercise-based management plans to reduce the distressing symptoms and improve the quality of life.

Our Vestibular Disorder treatment includes (but is not limited to):

  • Balance exercises
  • Posture exercises
  • Eye and head movement exercises
  • Manual therapy
  • Sport-related exercise routine

Get specialized treatment plans for your vestibular disorder with us. We’ll help you manage your symptoms so you can maintain your physical ability in the best way. Contact us today.