Neck and Back Pain


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About Neck and Back Pain

Do you feel a burning, sharp, or dull pain in your back paired with a stiffness that flows into the neck but also radiates into the calves and toes? These are symptoms commonly associated with neck and back pain that may arise intermittently or remain continuous. This form of pain interferes with normal functions that you wish to conduct on a day-to-day basis as it restricts mobility significantly. It’s usually the result of prolonged sitting, a sedentary lifestyle, working in bad postures, being overweight, weakened core muscles, and heavy lifting. It’s likely to result in inflammation of small joints in between the spine, ligaments, muscles, or discs.

Are you ready to join hands with Boost Physiotherapy to defeat the pain that restricts your ability to lift, sit, and bend?

Did you know the most common cause of neck and back pain is muscle injury? It affects 80 percent of Canadians, ranging from mild to debilitating or severe pain. Note: if the pain persists longer than three months, it’s likely that it has transformed into chronic pain, which may also spread across the legs and buttocks from the back. In Edmonton, you can now avail specialized physiotherapy services for curing any pain, stiffness, or discomfort in the neck or back region. Book your physio session online to reduce soreness within the muscles while further strengthening the bones and joints.

Our Goals for Improving Your Neck and Back Pain

At Boost Physiotherapy in Edmonton, we wish for you to be able to restore to your normal routine. For this reason, we stay focused and determined towards our goals for treating patients with back pain. The key to quick back pain recovery is none other than getting active — prolonged periods of resting can contribute to increased muscle pain and stiffness as it delays improvement. Our physiotherapists can help you restore mobility and flexibility by discovering the best way to get you moving and to keep you moving too.

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